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  3. Daily Horoscopes: November 17, 2018
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With Saturn reality, duty in expansive and big thinking Sagittarius, a focus on practical solutions and clearheaded judgement could help us to avoid any pitfalls.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

And remember to tune into Bustle's weekly horoscopes video live on Facebook every other Monday at 4 p. ET for a rundown of your weekly horoscope. You could be on par to receive a reward or some form of accolade from your career now but it seems that if you really want to shoot for the top, you may need a little extra help from someone in the know to help you get there.

Be open to learning something new. You're never the one to refuse work, but you may have found yourself with a ton of it lately.


Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 08

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, today you'll have to figure out what warrants your attention and what doesn't so you don't go into overload. You could come into some extra cash today or find yourself in the mood to splurge on something fun. However, your current budget may be asking that you be a little more responsible with your funds and save something for a rainy day.

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You could be tempted to pick a fight with your partner or someone close to you over them doing their fair share of the repsponsibilities between you, though before the exchange between the two of you gets too heated, it may be time to renegoiate or clarify your agreement. You could be presented with a new opportunity, namely where it pertains to you employment situation, but you may need to take a step back and ask yourself if this is something that you really want.

Daily Horoscopes: November 17, 2018

Yes, your tastes or needs may be maturing, but you don't have to settle. Romance could be on the horizon today, especially if you meet someone new through a friend. The feeling of this connection has a bit of a fated vibe to it, though it's best to go slowly on this one.

You need to make sure this person has something to offer. You may be feeling the pressure today from demands at home and work.

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However, you don't have to wait until you hit your breaking point in order to do something about it. There would be a strong karmic pull between you and any destiny encounter. Thursday to Sunday you should be feeling optimistic and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with everyone.

Leo - Weekly Horoscope from 18th Nov to 24th Nov 2018

Opportunities can come in the form of personal, spiritual and material growth. Financial gains are possible, which will increase your overall net worth, and level of satisfaction and contentment. Personal and spiritual growth can come through studies and travel, anything for broadening your outlook on life.

Leo Weekly Horoscope and Tarot – Astrology King

Monthly Leo Horoscope Leo Horoscope. The Lovers almost always points to partnerships with just one other person; generally, and not surprisingly, this indicates a romantic partnership, but of course this is not always the case.

It could be that your heart is telling you one thing, and your head, another. In general, the thing to do is within the bounds of your morality to follow your heart. Monday to Friday brings increased mental energy and concentration for paperwork, studies, and exams. Quick thinking and decisiveness allow you to make plans with confidence. A persuasive communication style makes this an ideal time for debating, asking for favors and public speaking. Being more adventurous and taking risks should lead to positive results. Fortune favors the brave!

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Saturday and Sunday brings stimulating personal encounters and exciting events. You will feel more open to change in your life and may actively seek it out. This is a good weekend to try something new in your domestic routine or personal life.